Ad Creative Newsletter #24


Creative Director

💤 Boring ad of the week

While this ad is pretty boring compared to the usual Lemonade ads, it still works. Sometimes a large pink button is all you need to be clickable. 


👻 Fun ad of the week

Lemonade does produce some awesome ads such as this one. The illustrations are top-notch, and flawlessly using a UFO abduction to promote your product is the perfect amount of weird.


🤝 Collaboration ad of the week

WeTransfer did an excellent job in this ad by putting the focus on the artists, rather than themselves. Collaborating with people in the same realm as your audience will help your authenticity shine. 


😷 2020 reference ad of the week

Prospa highlights a fact everyone can agree on: 2020 is the worst. You’re making a smart move when tying in a topic that causes most to nod their heads in approval. 

🔮 Eerie but beautiful ad of the week

These ads from Spaceship feel like a glimpse into an A.I. dream sequence. The unique animation and audio will give those scrolling through Facebook a breath of fresh air.

😕 "Tried to make it fun" ad of the week

We like how General Assembly was trying to mimic the infamous anatomy of a corgi meme. Even though it’s an interesting concept, the reference just isn’t recognizable enough.

general assembly1

🍜  Bizzare ad of the week

Eating a bowl of ramen has this distinct charm, different than any other food. Ramen Hero captures and expresses that specific enjoyment in this hilarious ad. Our only advice: the cowboy needs a noodle lasso.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 7 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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