Ad Creative Newsletter #25


Creative Director

🖌️ Animated ad of the week

It kind of looks like Task Rabbit is in progress of developing a mobile game and they decided to include bits and pieces of it in their ads. We’d be down to watch the adventures of Task Rabbit any time. That said, let’s hope that investing in high-quality animation pays off for our fluffy friends. 


◻️ Minimal ad of the week

Yes, minimalism is a go-to approach for thousands of brands, but it truly impacts performance when it’s an integral part of what the company is offering. You’ll be expecting a clear and simple user experience after seeing this ad. If you were frustrated with your current email marketing platform’s interface, it will certainly warrant a click.


✍️ Wordsmith ad of the week

We all might have switched from picture books to more serious literature a long time ago, but when it comes to ads, the average attention span is so short, brands have to throw in everything they have. That’s why it’s so rare to see an ad that keeps your attention with pure text, like this example from Pineapple

🐱 Friendly face ad of the week

If you’re still wondering why organic testimonials sometimes perform well and sometimes don’t - here’s why. Imagine having a conversation with your neighbor on a plane. Who does it have to be for you to feel comfortable enough to discuss the weather and everyday affairs without worrying that it will drag for too long and there will be pressure to follow each other on Instagram afterwards? They’d have to be friendly, non-threatening, and hopefully sensitive enough to not annoy you throughout the flight.  Same story for testimonials - the moment pressure creeps in, your audience will scroll down. She's birdie knows how to choose their testimonials. 

🛣️  "The driving force” ad of the week

Another cool way to grab someone’s attention - get them to imagine that they’re driving. Your whole being tells you to “keep your eyes on the road”, and you get to learn about credit cards from LendingTree in the process. 


👌 Simple, but effective ad of the week

Grammarly showcases their entire product in one easy-to-understand ad. Sometimes less is more in terms of getting people to comprehend what you’re offering.


👽 Bizarre ad of the week

This avant-garde ad from Gucci makes you think, “what the hell.” Then you hit the play button again. If you can show you’re not afraid to be different, you’ll come across as cutting-edge and memorable. 

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 7 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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