Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #1


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We'll kick things off with a giant everyone knows (and mostly) loves. Dropbox recently released a bunch of ads in an uncharacteristic style, which lead us to their blog series "The Mind at Work". Not only do these ads remind us of The Natural History Museum, which is always a good thing; they're also mysterious and intriguing - a far-cry from their usual corporate-looking ads. 

1dropbox gif 1dropbox gif 2


Given that ads take up a significant chunk of our daily lives, it's almost a miracle when one of them succeeds to describe the product in mere seconds. Grammarly tends to do that in a playful and colorful manner, which is a definite plus. 

grammarly gif 1grammarly gif 2


Ancestry is famous for their heartwarming ads. This series of ads is more spooky - though in a good way. We see the haunting resemblance between our contemporaries and their ancestors, leading us to ask ourselves: what did my great great great great great great grand father look like? Then we click to learn more.

ancestry halfface ad 3ancestry halfface ad 2


It's one thing to hear about the inspiration for a product and a totally something else to see this inspiration first hand. Year&Day turned this moodboard on steroids into an ad and it works.

year&day gif


Another well-designed ad for well-designed products. If you've ever ordered Moo cards, you know they're great to touch. These ads provide the same seductive feeling as that texture. 

moo gif 2moo gif 1


Airbnb constantly produces eye-pleasing ads, but this one is just so damn cute, we couldn't help sharing it. Reminds us of a childhood treehouse that we never got enough time to play with. 

airbnb gif 1


Hinge is trying to provide us with as much entertainment as @overheardnewyork, and even though they don't always succeed, the familiar design and pure text format gets everyone's attention. 

hinge text ads static 2 2hinge text ads static 2 1


Opencare has lots of great ads, but they're especially good at getting away with using memes. Even though memes are the fuel of Internet culture, it's so easy for brands to look lame when getting into this game. Opencare, however, stays fun and on point.

opencare y tho still adopencare baby yoda still ad


We almost didn't include Mailchimp because of how buggy the setup for this newsletter was, but here's a great set of psychedelic ads and it would be a shame to miss them. 

mailchimp gif 3mailchimp gif 1mailchimp gif 2


Gotta love seeing old-school neon signs in digital form. Especially when they come from an industry that wouldn't normally be associated with neon. Good job, Turbotax

turbotax gif 1

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

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