Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #10


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We featured Calm before, but as one of our all-time favorites it deserves another shout out. Calm is great not only at coming up with dozens of new ways to create peaceful animations, but also at skillfully using memes and metaphors.

1 calm still ad 11 calm still ad 2


As Calm’s direct competitor, Headspace wisely chose a different branding and advertising path. We’re loving their friendly characters and sunny feels.

2 headspace video ad 12 headspace video ad 2


A seemingly non-medical question at the beginning of this video piques your curiosity and makes you want that juicy answer. Babylon Health is also one of the few medical brands out there that experiments with colors and avoids the paths well-trodden by their peers. 

3 babylon health gif3 babylon health still ad


If all shoe ads were dancing like Birdies’, the world would be a better place.

4 birdies gif4 birdies still ad


While we enjoyed the different, more heartfelt approach in this ad from Havenly, given that it was taken down, we can only assume that in this case it didn’t perform.

5 havenly still ad 1


It’s rare to see candle ads with such a poetic slant; but Home candles passes with flying colors. 

6 homesick video ad 16 homesick video ad 2


This week’s winner is the Economist. Its thoughtful, eery and somewhat surreal animations really brought us joy. It’s just art. 

7 economist gif 17 economist gif 27 economist gif 37 economist gif 4


Another company that has already been featured in this newsletter, but this ad is just so fun, we couldn’t help sharing!

8 postmates video ad


An ad for brand awareness about self-awareness from Alma. It’s cool how it channels some of the most minimalist pieces at the MOMA.

9 alma still ad


New Yorker always wows with their covers and it makes sense that some of their ads would integrate these. Still, it’s always nice to check in on the recent additions.

10 newyorker 210 newyorker still ad 2

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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