Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #11


Creative Director


This week’s winner is Fabulous. Their ads are versatile, creative and fun. Some of these ads educate us on building a perfect routine, some contain delightful little games. I know your inner child will insist on finding ALL of the 12 differences in the ad below.

1 fabulous still ad1 fabulous still ad 2


You’d expect a great visual ad from the classic of design software and it truly delivers. It makes you want to sign up not only for Adobe Photoshop, but also for all the courses that teach you how to use it.

2 adobe photoshop still ad 12 adobe photoshop still ad 2


Vimeo surprised us with their “pure text” ads, but then again minimalism is one of their key differences from Youtube and it makes sense to highlight it.

3 vimeo 13 vimeo 23 vimeo 33 vimeo 4


Standing ovation to the creative team that made an object as simple as Crocs look so fashionable and so damn fun. Highly recommend watching the full version of the first video below with sound. Feet tapping and hip swaying guaranteed.


While there’s nothing revolutionary about this ad from Nivea, it’s a great UGC example. And one more thing: it addresses the problem that everyone deals with because of COVID-19 (dry hands) without mentioning the subject everyone is tired of.


Gorgeous, thoughtful ads from Dove. They could easily be this week’s winners, but there are hardly any replicable practices here. This approach and this slogan match the Dove brand 100% and we can only admire how cleverly they were implemented.

6 dove 16 dove 2


Sometimes an ad elevates the product and sometimes the product will look cool in any ad. Happy Socks x Minecraft collab definitely fits in the second category.

7 happy socks


A lot of companies switched to home productions for their ads. This example from Scotch Porter demonstrates how authentic home-made content can look (and perform) as great, if not better, than its polished version.

8 scotch porter8 scotch porter still ad 2


Hard to say if videos for these Hawthorne ads were produced before or during the global quarantine, but they have a charming DIY look. A brief survey conducted by our team confirmed that most people find it refreshing and clickable.


Let’s just say our whole team added Moon Pods to their wish lists after watching this ad. Who wouldn’t want to float?

Update: In last week’s newsletter we featured Havenly’s heart-warming ad, and we mentioned that it was taken down due to low performance. Havenly team reached out to us with news that it’s in fact still up and going strong. Must have been some Ad Library bugs on our end.

We’re very happy to find out that empathy and sensitivity are still clickable. Check out another ad from Havenly - put the sound on and get all the feels.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favorite ads of the week and we might include them in the next post.

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