Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #14


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This week’s winner is easily Tushy. With playful, absurd, almost child-like ads, it's hard not to love how Tushy is positioning themselves in a world where toilet paper has become the new currency.  May all our buttholes be forever clean.

tushy1 (1)tushy2 (1)


We know that frequency is an important factor in driving purchases, but if all your ads look the same, ad blindness will start to set in, and extra impressions are no longer truly incremental.

Hibar is combating this by mixing up their ad themes and approaches. In one ad, they support their product shot with a 5-star review. In another, they use their shampoo to create a colorful, textured scroll-stopper. And finally, they drive an environmental message by giving you partial plastic anxiety.  Shower caps off to them.



While abrupt chaos is always an entertaining watch, Toggle uses it to capture exactly why you should get renter's insurance through them. They also use a rare tactic of sending you on a little adventure to look up what Murphy's Law means instead of clicking on their ad. And if you already know what it meant, then you get to feel like you're part of a little in-joke.



It's very clear that Unison understands what common problem they solve - writer's block for musicians. With their lo-fi design, they highlight the problem and provide a simple solution. Swiping up.



Sometimes, you have to educate your customers. Package Free makes it clear how easy it is to be more environmentally friendly.



Almost literally delivering happiness, The Sill NYC does a great job using an emotional hook to pull you in and educate you.

the-Sill-1the-sill-2 (1)


 Wired is aware that we're going through a time of altered exploration and uses that theme to tie in their 50% off discount. 



Soma Water demonstrates how putting the product front and center can be a good strategy. Though we wonder – are they trying to use ASMR trends in their coffee pouring ad?



Credit Karma knows what their customers want – saving money. Plus, they get to teach their customers how to spend their time during quarantine: skiing on their rooftops.

Credit-Karma1Credit-karma2Credit-Karma3Credit Karma4


We're very intrigued to know if the abstract art approach is working for Optimove. It certainly caught our eye.


That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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