Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #15


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Storycorps is on a mission to preserve people’s stories. They’ve visualized these life events through ads that are actually more like full-on animated movies. I highly recommend watching them in full here.  Easily this week's winner for putting the insane effort into producing these.


Usually, financial products don’t take their designs down the psychedelic route. But Uala did and it paid off. These ads are brave, bold, and definitely not boring.



These extremely memorable color combos from Acámica make the ads feel like pop art you’d find in someone’s penthouse suite. 

3 Acamica13 Acamica23 acamica33 acamica4


Whenever your product is hard to explain in one sentence, abstract shapes are a good solution to use in ads (as demonstrated by Atlassian.)

4 Atlassian14 atlassian3atlassian24 atlassian3


Someone clearly had fun creating this for Crate and Barrel. You can just feel their excitement radiating off the ad. 

5 Crate and barrelcrate and barrel3


Motherdirt had a clever idea to mimic a phone notification with some sound advice, making this ad very hard to miss.

6 motherdirt1


Taking a glimpse at anything BTS usually piques curiosity and The Atlantic excels with this concept by giving us a look into the naked truth of their journalism process.

7 the atlantic1


Simple, but compelling composition makes capturing attention easy – especially when you’re showing off eye-catching paintings found on Artsy.

8 Artsy


Zara dazzles with glitch effects and shares an unspoken social distancing message by letting their clothes do the talking in an indoor environment.

9 Zara


Miro had the idea of visualizing collaboration through their ads. While still well-done, they could have taken it a step further and shown us the collaborative process of creating these actual ads to be extra meta.

10 miro110 miro2

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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