Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #16


Creative Director

Last week we stopped almost all our ad spend for our clients and suspended our newsletter. This is an important time for the BlackLivesMatter movement and its supporters to communicate and be heard. Reducing the noise and clutter in social feeds is one of the ways we can support the fight for justice for black people.

As we resume our ad activities now, the fight is in no way over. We have donated to several funds and if you haven’t yet, we encourage you to take your pick here and make as much of a difference as you can. And don’t forget the alternate ways to support this movement and get further educated.

As far as ads go, representation of POC should go without saying. We produce content that is seen by billions of people - and in our own way, we shape what is considered beautiful, clickable, normal. Without deliberate thought put into representation and inclusivity in ads, we, as advertisers, further perpetuate the uneven distribution of equity and justice in our world. Let’s make sure our content is shaping things for a better future.

There's no elegant way to segue from talking about something as important as BLM to our weekly newsletter, so we won't even try.


If we could date these OkCupid ads, we would. They’ve managed to capture the aspects of searching for love in a funny, raw manner. 


These ads from Elvie are full of candor and swag. We highly recommend watching them with the sound.


Alan proves that not just Salesforce can successfully implement a mascot into ads. The cute little guy catches the eye with its unique illustration style while the out-of-the-box use of close-ups keeps you intrigued.

3 Alan13 Alan2


The gamification approach Banco-Enter took really helps the ad stand out with their Pac-Man inspired design. 


When you can get your point across in a few seconds while using an interesting illustration style, you get killer ads just like these from Bulb.

5 Bulb15 Bulb25 Bulb35 Bulb4


SurveyMonkey goes down the classic route of creating images with copy-space and text overlay, but added their own twist to it. The blue and green combo they used looks unusual, but works in their favor and makes the ads more memorable.

6 SurveyMonkey16 surveyMonkey2


Oatly always brings their A-game and these ads showing how their packages can be recycled for fun purposes are no exception. Plus, it’s always a positive when you can authentically work in how environmentally friendly your brand is.


Who doesn’t want to see an ad that forms their favorite guilty pleasures into a beating heart? Wolt knows how to satisfy our creative appetite. 


Typeform clearly figured out the optimal video length and complexity to get their message across. They’ve nailed creativity as well, the proposal metaphor rocks.



BetterHelp made a series of ads that are tough to watch for anyone with empathy, but it’s a valid approach for their type of service. We sincerely hope they work and resonate with the people who need their help.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favorite ads of the week and we might include them in the next post.

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