Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #19


Creative Director


We’re doing something a little different for our winner this week. We’ve chosen HelloFresh for their wonderfully weird move to use a soap opera to promote a food delivery subscription. We have so many questions. If you have any explanation for what’s going on here, please reach out to [email protected].


 We applaud Etsy for making meaningful changes in their company policy. Not only does creating a thoughtful ad like this draw people in, but it also sets a precedent for other brands to evolve into a more eco-friendly business.


A completely sold, boring ad from Peakon, but boringness doesn’t necessarily equal bad performance. Rice is boring, but it’s the most consumed food in the world. And while we try to highlight ads that stand out, we keep in mind that ads like this tend to work well too. 



 Transferwise showed up big time to take a spot for Feel Good ad of the week. In other great ads, they managed to implement well-written copy, a solid use of emojis, and an impressively creative visualization of the difference 5% can make.


These Monster Energy ads are full-on, in your face with electricity. A great example of converting TV commercials onto Facebook and making them work well. 


Bloomscape stunned us with their savvy copy and incredible macro shots. Macro is an unusual approach for ads, but works great here.



Honesty in ads always resonates with the audience. Butcherbox nailed the trustworthiness by truthfully describing what’s happening to their company. 



Hardly anyone can replicate Jack Donaghy, but Etoro has other ads that are worth mentioning. Check out their simple, informative ad that make you curious about the investment climate. 


Getting people interested in socks, even if they are vibrant, can be a challenge. Happy Socks seems to have found the solution with awesome product photography and clever use of their product. 



If you haven’t noticed, advertising has shifted to a more minimalistic approach, just like MessageBird has here. Clean, simple, and stylish is sometimes all you need to capture attention.


That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favorite ads of the week and we might include them in the next post.

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