Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #2


Creative Director


There's no better way to show that your product can withstand all sorts of weather than displaying a tiny sheep with an umbrella over said product. Allbirds is a clear winner this week with a series of ads showing this little fella suntanning, reading, flying kites, sliding and sleeping. Minimal and delightful.

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Zola is always experimenting with their ads and here's one thing they seem to have figured out: your ads don't have to be as polished as your product - especially on Facebook and Instagram. They aren't afraid to experiment with fonts, silly jokes or puns and that's why these ads feel relatable and fresh. The soundtrack is superb too. When you're moving your body to the beat of the ad, you're basically half-sold on the product.


Another example of how more production effort doesn't necessarily mean more sales. The video ad shows a segment from an audiobook that talks about how one's appearance creates a halo effect. It's quirky and it offers a glimpse of what Blinkist offers - short versions of non-fiction books. However, you might find it a little off-putting and it doesn't match their established "Read like a CEO" vibe.

We assume that's why it was taken down rather quickly and replaced by classic images of women with bob cuts looking thoughtful. Regardless, it was memorable and entertaining, so it goes on our list.

blinkist 2blinkist 3


Here's simplicity executed the right way. Soundcloud launched this ad in many languages and even though it looks super simple, the texture in the background is the twist that makes it work. You don't have to have OCD to want to iron out those creases. That's what creates the slightly unsettling feeling that gets you to linger on this ad for the few seconds that are required to read the text. 



Another one of our favourites this week - Harry's. The soundtrack here creates a "detective on the case" kind of vibe, while the animation depicts friendly bearded men doing manly things and razors that threaten their carefully cultivated whiskers. 

The only potential flaw - lack of structure in the copy above. 


Daily Harvest takes the best from the worlds of TV and social media, producing high quality videos with great lighting and composition that create an atmosphere similar to everyone's favourite Instagram food blogs. 

Not to mention the special birthday ads - how thoughtful (and cunning). 


Speaking of cunning: Twilio is luring us in, masquerading their ads in a comic strip style that you'd normally see in serious places like The New Yorker. You expect to see something newsworthy, so you pause to read the copy and maybe click further.

twilio pigeons static adtwilio hoops static ad

8 knows how to appeal to the intellectually curious. Whether your middle school math lessons are a joy or a horror to remember, you can't help but get pulled in by the problems these guys throw at you.

If you watch the Math Fundamentals ad in its entirety, you'll see that it starts by telling us that "Math is about learning a new way to see" and it ends with "See math in a new way". What a beautiful word loop.

As far as the ad with the elephant goes, it's all about the sound. Check it out. 


When your branding is done well, your ads basically launch themselves. Quip and their color palette is a great example.

quip 2quip 1


We will end this newsletter with an ad approach that we found quite hilarious. These ads are offering the same deal, but in one of them it's to celebrate Thursday and in another one - to hate on Tuesday. 

Firstly, what did Tuesday ever do to you, Buffalo Wild Wings? And secondly, props for covering all the bases. We hope you segmented your audience to make sure no one sees both of these ads. 

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favourite ads of the week and we might include them in the next newsletter.