Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #21


Creative Director


Arby's comes in hot with a wild ad. They do an amazing job of grabbing everyone’s attention. Or maybe they’re just trying to establish themselves as the dominant fast-food place on the inevitable Mars colonies of the future.



Dating has drastically changed over the past few months. But Bumble took this problem and provided a solution using pretty clever messaging while helping everyone stay safe



Cash App utilizes a combination of bizarre and endearing, without overloading us with either. The animations are pretty funky and thus critical in making these ads work.



With Facebook always flooded by boring ads, we wish these Christmas ads from CHOOOSE were still running in July, like in case with Burger King and their relatable approach to 2020



With a name like Design Pickle, you expect the ads to rock. Their copy combined with arguably the most popular emoji results in this hilarious post.

Design Pickle


As usual, Boxed Water keeps improving our environmental habits with their ads as well as their product.

Box water2Box water1


If JetBlue simply stated they were conserving nature, their ad would most likely be overlooked. But, showing off their impact through an amusing and easily identifiable visual really draws people in.



Mindbloom builds the perfect atmosphere for the services they’re selling with colors that feel calming and relaxing. A mood you’d probably want to be in before doing psychedelics.  



While the first line in this Moonjuice ad sounds like a beginning of an educational approach, filling the screen with “MMM” somehow works even better. It’s pretty funny, but also a great way to capture interest.



Olay seems to have shifted from their usual simplistic ads to a more whacky approach, and we’re all for it. Just because your ad contains something that has little to do with your brand, doesn’t mean it won’t draw in clicks. Especially if it contains dancing and floating cats.


That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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