Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #22


Creative Director


Our winner this week is Klarna. Their ads don’t just come out of left field, they come out of some other dimension. If you can take your brand down this weird route and pull it off, your ads are guaranteed to become shareable.




Take note of how Intuit Quickbooks used their brand color in these ads. The green ball acts as a playful guide for your eyes, making it easy to follow along with their messaging. 

Intuit QB1Intuit QB2


Postmates is great at delivering short, relatable ads with fun twists. However, we’re unlikely to start using “postmate” as a verb any time soon. Just give it up, guys, it’s not sticking. ;)




The entire tone in these Artifact Uprising ads perfectly captures the mood of cherishing your memories. Having your audience emotionally link to the product you have is a sure way to get noticed. 



Robinhood helps you invest in stocks, something notoriously intimidating. To combat this, they added metaphors to simplify what their platform does while using humor to make it feel more personal. Watch with sound here and here.


When implementing COVID messaging into your ads, you want to keep the same brand identity while adding in a little more empathy. Anthropologie does just that by slightly softening their tone and showing the steps they’ve taken for reopening with colorful illustrations.



Framebridge utilizes a bit of storytelling in these ads, a great technique to connect people with your brand. If you can add a product demo to that story, even better.


Square isn’t just crossing off words, they’re crossing out their competition. When your company has some unique benefits, make that loud and clear.



Keto: the health trend even your grandma knows about. Thrive Market does an excellent job of showing you can still have flavor in your no-carb life by pointing out some more fun products they’ve got in stock.


Showing off completely random objects does draw attention. It works especially well in these Universe ads as they show how a website could help you sell almost anything.


That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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