Ad Creative Newsletter #23


Creative Director

🧐 Self-aware ad of the week 

Talking smack on your competitors can boost your brand, ask Eminem. Sleeknote disses annoying pop-up ads, then comes out a winner by showing us their new-and-improved version.

😨 FOMO ad of the week

Blinkist reminds everyone that if you’re not reading, you’re falling behind. They clearly want you to feel guilty for not pounding out two novels a week, and it works. Plus, we all secretly think deep down we’ll be billionares one day, this could just be the first step!

🤩 High budget ad of the week

This ad is either a new clothing line or the entrance to a superhuman cloning factory. Whatever the case, a high-quality backdrop makes everyone scrolling take notice. As a bonus, this futuristic theme remind everyone that Burberry is a luxury brand, always thinking ahead.

🌳 Rainforest ad of the week

Colgate Brazil knows linking their brand to something as lovable and organic as the rainforest will help the natural side of their product shine. Also, just one more reason not to de-forest the Amazon, our teeth won’t be as white.

😐 “We tried to make it fun” ad of the week

Squarespace wanted to do something cool here. It feels more like they streamlined the album art for “Life of Pablo” and called it a day. Just a little more effort could have majorly amped this up.

😆 “We made it fun” ad of the week

When your industry competition is usually tame, you don’t have to go all out to stand out. MongoDB keeps it simple, but trendy in this ad. The colors tied in with retro art help this pop. 


😴 Boring ad of the week

Many fashion retailers’ ads are simply product shots, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This one from Zappos tried way too hard to hype up average shoes. Getting overly excited like this can backfire, causing you to appear insincere. 


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