Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #4


Creative Director


If all beautiful hipster Instagram posts were distilled, they would look like Biolite ads. The copy is really clever too.

biolite 1biolite 2


A lot of brands these days center their values around being environmentally-friendly, but Boxed Water makes us believe that they REALLY care. These ads surely hit the spot for those in their audience who care as well.

boxed water 1boxed water 2


Not only did Deliveroo create their own delivery mobile game, they gamified their ads! Makes us wish this brand was present in the US.


You’ve seen this ad. We’ve seen this ad. This fish from Fishdom haunts us in our dreams and one day we might install this game on the off-chance that it might get rid of its ghost.


InVision is a unique example of a company that seems to have figured out long ago what performs well for them and is now just refining it all. Check out the way they test variations in colors and copy.

invision 2invision 1invision 3invision 4


Embracing and loving the weirdness of these 2 from Klarna.


Demonstrating utter confidence in their branding, PatientPop relies on “popping” colors and clean design. It’s also a great example of how all ads can be unified under the umbrella of one strategy.

patientpop 1patientpop 2patientpop 3patientpop 4


Gotta love fintech ads that make one think of magic tricks. Some real showmanship from Petal Card here.


These first 2 ads from Shopify are so self-explanatory, they almost make words unnecessary. And when the words are added, they’re short and succinct. The only question is, how did the 4th ad get around Facebook’s “20% text” rule?

shopify 2shopify 3shopify 4


The Wing’s ads remind us of retro posters and the second wave of feminism. Nice.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

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