Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #5


Creative Director

With everybody talking about one topic and one topic only, it’s time… we did the same. Here’s a selection of ads from companies that are doing quite well given the circumstances.


With everybody switching to food delivery, there’s no surprise that companies in that space would put up more ads. However, this is the only case we saw where the CEO’s personal letter was turned into an ad. It’s long and thorough, and it talks about the vigorous approach to food safety checks and transparency as one of Blue Apron’s core values. 

It feels nice and empathetic and makes us believe Blue Apron deserved its stock price to increase 7x basically overnight.

1 Blue apron


Let’s take a look at Postmates, another company that’s there to make sure we don’t starve in our tiny quarantine caves. They’ve recently put up new ads about contactless delivery, and while these are timely and necessary, we’re way more fascinated by the fun and playful version. 

What could have been a boring ad featuring a delivery credit code is instead turned into a mini-show with long legged pizza slices falling like autumn leaves. And you have to actually watch it - otherwise the code will stay hidden.


Another company that’s staking a lot on their delivery capacity is, of course, UberEats. And so we’re now being graced with this really cool ad with a courier on a bike looking truly epic and a heart-warming video call for restaurant owners who haven’t completely shut down their places.

2 Uber Eats


Not exactly food, but still, a somewhat nutritious delivery service - Empathy Wines. This ad is a submission we received from someone subscribed to our newsletter, so thank you for that! If you have suggestions too, please share here.

Anyhow, we love how Empathy Wines creates ads that are very different in tone and message. One of these ads calls to something rebellious inside each of us, another one appeals to an inner aesthete. One of them features Garee Vee, another one - a slow and delicate zoom towards a wine bottle. Both seem to be well-performing concepts.

6 empathy wines


Next on our list is a brand you would totally expect to see. After all, you see this logo a lot these days, mostly while pretending to wear pants. 

We wanted to check on their ‘taking over the world’ ad strategy and it’s also what you’d expect - solid photos of Zoom in action - casual and friendly in tone.

3 zoom 23 zoom 1


You’re probably wondering what’s happening with another piece of software most of us are using a lot - Slack. It’s fair to say there’s no reason to be overly creative when you can be direct. Just follow the 20% rule, include the message - boom, the ad is done.

4 slack 24 slack 1


A couple of weeks from now, when most of us will start talking to ourselves way more, it will be good to have a friendly voice joining in. Amazon’s Alexa isn’t using any particular message to address the current situation, but their ads are very cute. Though we prefer the Twitter ones (second pair) to the Facebook versions. 

By the way, if you find yourself stuck with not much to do, check out this game Alexa released a couple of years ago in collaboration with Westworld. Supposedly it will blow your mind.

5 alexa 15 alexa 25 alexa 35 alexa 4


All streaming services know their time to shine has come, but we like ads from Sling TV because they’re simple and focus on what matters to their audience - live news and a great variety of available channels.

7 sling tv 1


Monday has really prepared for this time with high quality ads that are comprehensive and colorful. Watch their video to see a great lesson on how to educate customers about your software.


We’ll finish with a hypnotising ad that’s meant to get you to invest everything you haven’t lost yet in stocks. Seriously though, cool design, Robinhood.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favourite ads of the week and we might include them in the next newsletter.