Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #6


Creative Director


Blue background and strong copy are the defining features of Xero's ads. Too often we see Facebook ads that have separate tones for copy and visuals. Xero, on the other hand, manages the holistic approach, while keeping the balance between playful and business-like.

xero 1xero 3xero 2


Many of us have recently been unsuccessfully seeking out antibacterial products made by Clorox, so we decided to check out what these guys are doing Facebook ad-wise. All the ads about antibacterial wipes have been taken down, in case you're wondering. Some of the interesting ones that remain are surprisingly colourful and talking about the lesser known qualities of bleach. 


More and more people are now rightly concerned with their health. 23andMe is making sure these people turn to their brand for these concerns by creating colorful ads, vaguely reminiscent of a box of crayons. 

23 and me 223 and me 323 and me 423 and me 1


Clarity is still king in the ad world and Framer achieves this by showcasing their UX and a clever minimalist display of some of their features.

framer still ad 1framer still ad 2


A lot of physical gyms are switching to virtual classes for now and we're watching how they decide to promote them. Gymshark provides a great example - why bother with expensive video production when you can convey your message in a high contrast text animation?


Kayla Itsines is of the most powerful brands in online training. It's cool to know that after all these years her ads are still down-to-earth and relatable. It's also cool to know that selfies still work. 

sweat static ad 1


Lots of brands are trying to find the right voice to address their audience in this difficult time and we think Kit and Ace is doing a great job of that. 


Noosa Yoghurt doesn't have to tweak their message to address social distancing - they can simply show a gorgeous set of close-up ads. 


We expect more streaming platforms to blossom at a time when the demand for content is higher than ever. Quibi's is probably one of many to come and they chose a very TV-like approach with a dynamic montage. 


The last one on this week's list is Skillshare. Their ads range from inspiring to adorable and we're loving the range.

skillshare still ad 1

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favourite ads of the week and we might include them in the next newsletter.