Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #7 (Education edition)


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As more and more people are staying home, the online education industry is understandably booming. And so this week we decided to focus on how brands in this space are fighting for the attention of potential customers.


This week’s winner is Rosetta Stone. They had us at “Binge Life”. Mic drop.

1 rosetta gif 21 rosetta gif 11 rosetta stone still ad 21 rosetta stone still ad 1


In addition to all the stuff you’d expect (which is still clear and eye-catching), Babbel creates little animated cartoon stories and gets their users to share the results of personal challenges that feel way more “Buzzfeed” than “TV ad” and are fun to watch.

2 babbel gifbabbel still ad2 babbel video story screen


While there’s nothing particularly innovative about these ads from Chegg, one look at them gives the impression of solid performance. Enough space for copy, pleasant colors that contrast each other and friendly people - sometimes that’s all you need.

3 chegg ad 333 chegg ad 13 chegg ad 4


It’s hard to find someone who’s never tried Duolingo. Even their sound effects are recognizable (along with their chubby green mascot of course). Good job keeping the brand intact for so long.

4 duolingo gif4 duolingo ad 24 duolingo ad 1


Elevate’s UI and ads remind us of the Calm meditation app, except in this case clean and beautiful animation is meant to help you concentrate on learning as opposed to deep breaths.

5 elevate gif 15 elevate gif 25 elevate labs gif 3


Masterclass’s main feature is in their celebrity instructors and they do a great job of showcasing that. Most videos are structured like a trailer for a movie that will make you cry, laugh and learn something about yourself. It also helps that most of the instructors never taught online classes before, so it feels very exclusive.

6 masterclass still ad 16 masterclass still ad 2


Mimo’s animation is cute as a button. Given that these ads launched quite a long time ago, we can only assume that they’ve been melting hearts and attracting absolutely everyone to try coding lessons - from little girls to their grandfathers.

7 mimo gif7 mimo static ad 1


Quizlet’s ads make it very obvious that these guys know their audience very well. We’d guess that Instagrammable snaps and videos featuring Tinder-like swipe have been a success.

8 quizlet still ad 28 quizlet gif


When we found these ads by StudyBlue, we were shocked. They’ve been launched 2 YEARS ago and are still active. Have to be still performing, right?

9 studyblue still ad 19 studyblue still ad 2 since may 2018


Strictly speaking, there’s nothing super special about these ads by Word of the Day, but if we now know what nomophobia is, you should too. The obvious lesson here is that simple educational content is highly shareable.

10 word of the day still ad10 word of the day still ad 2

P.S. Most big brands in this space rely on clear messages in the copy and good old stock images. Nothing wrong with that as long as it works. Here are some honorable mentions of bigger brands and how they’re advertising their online courses.

udemy still ad 1newsela ad 1linkedin learning still ad 2linkedin 4udacity still ad 1classdojo still adcoursera still ad 1tynker still ad 1

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

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