Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #8 (Meal kit + groceries edition)


Creative Director

We know that almost everyone subscribed to this newsletter is currently quarantined, so this week will be about one of the most valuable things in everyone’s routine right now: Food delivery. We’re talking meal kits, snacks, groceries - you name it. Hopefully you will find something useful both for your ad strategy and for your fridge.


Starting with the most aesthetically pleasing - Sakara Life. Their ads are polished and personal at the same time. Style is quite similar to Daily Harvest which we featured before and which deserves another honorary mention.

sakara life still ad 1sakara life gif 1sakara life gif 2sakara life still ad 2


Epicured is betting heavily on the word ‘gluten-free’ and the classic “cookbook” style.

epicured still ad 1epicured still ad 2


Dinnerly is sporting impressively low prices and a cheeky onion to encourage return customers. There’s something irresistibly ironic about a crying onion - justice is served.

dinnerly still ad 1dinnerly still ad 2dinnerly still ad 3


Hungryroot is using a colorful combo of reviews and product shots. These ads are a little busy, but leave you with a sense of something vibrant and healthy.

hungryroot still ad 1hungryroot still ad 2


For those not “in the know” Outer Aisle is not entirely clear about what they’re promoting. Burgers? Meatless patty? They’re actually cauliflower patties, but they make the list because of the visual execution and, of course, the Rick Roll.

outer aisle gif


CookUnity videos manage to talk succinctly about their service while not sparing important details. We always admire that.


Lush green. Color burst. Emoji. Hard to avert your gaze from Mercato’s ads.

shopmercato gif 1shopmercato still ad 3shopmercato still ad 2shopmercato still ad 1


Splendid Spoon has a strong focus on copy even in its visuals. It’s very direct and will clearly be attractive for those serious people who are very serious about eating healthy.

splendid spoon still ad 2
splendid spoon still ad 1splendid spoon gif 2


Purple Carrot is using these mouth-watering photos to draw your eye. Almost everybody loves seeing melted cheese in their feed, and learning that it’s all plant-based is a strong cause for a click.

purple carrot still ad 5purple carrot still ad 4purple carrot still ad 3purple carrot still ad 1


Last but not least, Trifecta uses photos to explain their product clearly and effectively. You don’t need to read the text to understand that these meal kits are meant for people who care about their fitness goals.

trifecta still ad 1trifecta gif 1

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads. 

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favorite ads of the week and we might include them in the next newsletter.