Ad Creative Newsletter: This Week's Most Fascinating Ads #9


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This week’s winner is Ritual. Their ads manage to be super creative while sticking to their brand guidelines. It’s always a joy when within one account you can see great photography, sheep illustrations, tiny men waving flags and links to Vogue.

Ritual Ad #1, March 2020Ritual 1.31.1 ritual gif1.4


Clean images alone are boring. Combine them with punchy headlines and movie trailer font, and you get a good ad. Moonjuice know what they are doing.

2.1 moonjuice gif2.2 moonjuice video ad


Four Sigmatic accomplished the unthinkable - they made mushroom coffee look above-board.

3.2 foursigmatif gif3.1 foursigmatif gif


Another example of clean, but evocative ads. Public Goods charm with their style, their prices and their no BS approach to copy.

4.1 public goods gif4.44.2 public goods gif4.3


The beauty industry is one of many moving towards authenticity. Cocokind produces content that matches the DIY vibe of the product itself. Very relatable and thus very clickable.

5 cocokind gif


A lot of clothing brands are pushing their plush and comfy products right now. With that in mind, Lou&Grey starts their ads with a close up of soft fabric that makes it hard to doubt its coziness.

6. lou and grey gif


We’ve been following Lunya’s ads for a while; they have an irresistible natural look that makes you want to buy everything in the store. And the icing on the cake comes with the following copy “Chill so hard you forget all your passwords”.

7.1 lunya gif7.3 lunya gif7.2 lunya gif7.4


We couldn’t help sharing this beautiful ad from Parsley Health. Watching this capsule be filled with flowers and herbs has quite a calming effect.

8. parsley health gif


Beyond Yoga offers yet another contender that rocks the softness vibe, this time with the help of a gentle color palette.


Ellevest impressed us with unique photo choices for a financial product. These images remind us of warm afternoon sunlight and evoke an air of trust and comfort.


That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 10 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

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