Introducing: Ad Creative Newsletter

Nima Gardideh


When we first started Pearmill, we knew creative was going to be an important aspect of performance marketing that we had to master. What we didn't know was how challenging it was going to be.

For a long time, it felt like that we were always clashing with our clients because we thought that "what worked" wasn't necessarily "on brand". Fortunately, we've learned how to make them work in unison. To maintain performance long-term, we believe ad creative has to be a clear extension of the brand.

As part of our process, our we spend hours studying what other companies are producing. What ad formats have become more popular? What sort of messaging approaching are people taking? Are there trends we're seeing across the market that may indicate better performance?

We've decided to curate some of our favorite ad creative across our research, and the work we do with our clients as a weekly newsletter.

We hope you find it as interesting and fun as we do! You can subscribe here.