LinkedIn Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

A simple Chrome Extension to help you debug your LinkedIn Insight Tag and Pixel Events, built for the modern marketer.



In performance marketing, one of the first tasks our growth managers take on is making sure our clients have data integrity. This means making sure that events are being sent to ad networks properly.

Before our tool, there wasn't an easy way to check if LinkedIn's Insight Tag and Pixels were firing correctly.

How It Works

Our Chrome Extension looks for any network calls made to LinkedIn for loading their Insight Tag, or firing pixels for tracking. The extension then displays this information in a Chrome Extention PopUp. You can access the popup by clicking on the LinkedIn Pixel Helper icon in the Extentions section of Chrome.

We do not track anything externally. All information is stored and displayed locally on your Chrome instance. Feel free to browse the source code for the extension here.


Our growth managers use this tool internally to help our clients ensure that their tracking works correctly. We've decided to launch this externally to help the larger growth and marketing community!