Ad Creative Newsletter #81
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August 30, 2023
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Good creatives can emulate successful ads. Great creatives can reverse-engineer the creative process behind the concept. We’ll give it a shot with this Tractive ad:

Q: What kind of UGC-style elements always perform in our ads?

A: UGC-style ads, TikTok/AI voice, Lists (ie. “top 3 reasons”)

Q: What kind of background footage always performs in our ads?

A: Dogs on beaches

New hypothesis to test: Combining UGC elements with dog-heavy footage and little to no human footage will perform.

Execution: Create a UGC video in a dog’s voice and perspective.


Look for ads with updated takes on tried-and-true concepts like Top 3 Reasons..., and go beyond adapting them for your own work. Try to imagine the thought processes behind them to possibly unlock something new to test. Then tell everyone that you got so smart from reading this newsletter and refer your friends while cashing in on new prizes (and helping expand our online footprint and giving us fodder to brag internally about the bump in our subscriber count).


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