Ad Creative Newsletter #80
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July 11, 2023
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So you decide to go broad and basically sell an instrument to a bunch of people who don’t play music… One of the easiest ways to make a complex product feel inviting is through simple and straightforward copy. Here we see no more than 2 words appearing on screen at a time — a subtle way of saying, “you can figure this out.” This classic example of "show, don't tell" adds an extra measure to display its capabilities by showing 2 players collaborating on the song. Motion strengthens the copy by changing position on-screen and keeping your eyes as engaged as your ears. Then there’s the video itself — comprised of a beautiful and uncut 20s panning shot. It’s the Facebook ad equivalent of the restaurant entrance scene from Goodfellas. So if you’re an aspiring marketing Scorsese, use this ad as inspiration. And if you’re Artiphon, can we please get an Obra with a black sleeve and a travel case? 🥺👉👈

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