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Ad Creative3 organic social trends to use in your paid ads

What's HOT and what's NOT in the world of organic social. Plus, how to make trends work for you!

Ad CreativeTop 10 ads of 2023: Notable trends & learnings

What did we learn from 2023's ad trends? A lot. See what stood out and why!

Ad Creative3 steps to video ads that convert

Ditch your dated video editing techniques. 3 tips to create engaging ads that convert.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #82 — Brush your (leg) hair

This week, we're featuring ads from Oats Overnight, Peanut, Muddy Bites, Bleame,, Ambie, First Person.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #81 — Middle parts & airplane farts

This week, we're featuring ads from Prose, FLO Vitamins, Curology, 720dgree, Notebook Therapy, Tractive.

Ad CreativeIt should be ILLEGAL to know about these 6 paid social hooks

A good hook is worth 1000 words. Here are 6 of the best hooks we've seen recently that really... reeled us in.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #80 — Who the hell made ad #7?

This week, we're featuring ads from The Perfect Jean, Gametime, Pietra, Freshpet, Artiphon, The Farmer's Dog, and one mystery ad!

Ad CreativeHow to set up a creative testing campaign

A step-by-step guide to creative testing, from campaign setup to data analysis. Plus a thick FAQ section for all your queries.

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