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Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #80 — Who the hell made ad #7?

This week, we're featuring ads from The Perfect Jean, Gametime, Pietra, Freshpet, Artiphon, The Farmer's Dog, and one mystery ad!

Ad CreativeHow to set up a creative testing campaign

A step-by-step guide to creative testing, from campaign setup to data analysis. Plus a thick FAQ section for all your queries.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #79 — Set your competitors on fire... literally

This week, we're featuring ads from Surreal, Jambys, Soft Services, UMZU, MUD\WTR, Everlywell, BRANWYN.

Ad CreativeWhy you’ll lose (a lot of) money if you use ChatGPT for your creative

As a Creative Director at an ad agency, and here's why I think using ChatGPT is not just inefficient, but harmful to your creative process.

Ad Creative5 high-converting paid social ads you can create this week – without hiring an agency

Here are 5 ad formats that don't suck and are feasible for your in-house team (or even just you!) to create and launch this week.

Ad CreativeTop 10 Paid Social Ads of 2022

2022 has been a Messi year, and we know that you don’t need another pop culture-laden recap. So we’ll just speak to the ads and trends that have more juice than corn, the masterpieces that don’t jiggle jiggle (or fold), the lessons that slap harder than Will.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #71 (Holiday Self-Gifting Idea: Advertising Insights)

This week, we're featuring ads from BetterHelp, Nomisk, MyHuevos, Rise Science, sheertex, Citizenry, and Naadam.

Ad CreativeAd Creative Newsletter #70 (the UGC edition)

This week, we're featuring ads from Rocket Money, The Ridge, Linktree, Every Man Jack, Bombas, Fishwife, and Lovevery.

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