Ad Creative Newsletter #82 — Brush your (leg) hair

Oats Overnight

Stuff nobody can ignore: Taylor & Travis’ blossoming romance, screaming babies on airplanes, a salacious text on a stranger’s phone. You’re an active voyeur from the the jump with this TikTok ad. Camerawork and sound design make you feel like you’re the one filming—keeping you in the moment and locked in through the USPs and CTA.

Do: Keep this voyeurism-style ad in your creative inspiration file.

Don’t: Send thirsty texts in public (especially to oatmeal brands, pervs).

Full version here


This is how you make a static ad. Anyone who’s ever been pregnant can see themself in the image, which is dramatic enough to make the copy inescapable. Plus, you’re more likely to take advice from a friend, so the organic social feel adds credibility. Pro tip: reposted tweets often make the front page of Reddit, so this format is worth a cross-platform test for a (baby) bump in performance.

Muddy Bites

Elements of a founder story? CHECK.

Transparency about manufacturing? CHECK.

Mesmerizing footage? CHECK.

We respect the simplicity. Trying to pack more into this simple branding ad would only distract the audience. We'll follow suit with this blurb.

Full version here


Don’t have Calm App’s budget for motion designers to create mesmerizing visual hooks? Make your own sans effects! Let’s break down the brilliance of this hook:

  1. Has the hypnotic effect of those sand raking videos
  2. Gross factor captures attention
  3. Primes audience to see a hair-removal product

The post-hook 25 seconds of formulaic UGC are strengthened by the intro’s heavy lifting. As of publication, Bleame has been running this ad for over 400 days, so we assume they’re still trying to find a way to beat its performance. Hairy up before ad fatigue sets in!  

Full version here

The intro is giving poorly-dubbed 70/80s Kung Fu movies. Amusing? Yes. Performant? Maybe… We might have to test this format and report back. Was this dubbed video the plan from the start, or a comedic attempt to salvage an absolute dud of an interview ad? Punchy gameplay helps keep the audience's attention, while an in-game reward gives the “download now” CTA some extra kick.

Full version here


At the risk of sounding cringe (and assuming you actually watched the ad before reading), this ad also slaps. Its dedication to the organic creator motif insures against sounding desperate and salesy. Ending on a hard-hitting USP instead of a CTA shows commitment to the format. Your ads don’t always have to be loud. Play with the organic creator route to cut through the noise and reach your audience without getting tuned out.

Full version here

First Person

It’s a beaut! A rare glimpse of the elusive 5-second mini ad right here in the wild! Even if you cut everything after 0:05, this ad would still stand on its own. Aspiring YouTube ad creators, pay extra attention: the product is mentioned in the first 5s, and the main benefit is clearly communicated. Remember how short your audience’s attention span is. Make 5s mini ads and test them as intros for your best performers. Also remember that creating podcast-style ads is a responsible alternative to quitting your job in marketing/advertising to start an actual podcast.

Full version here

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