Do you like working with someone? Join us together!

Nima Gardideh
January 13, 2021

One of the most interesting learnings we've had as we've grown the team at Pearmill is how long it takes for team members to learn about each others' communication styles before they can work effectively.

We have to combine many different creative disciplines within our Creative team to excel for our clients. Copywriters, graphic designers, motion designers, videographers, and photographers all have to come together under a creative director's leadership to produce beautiful and performant ad-creative.

Furthermore, in general, the marketing industry is rich in freelancer culture. We see mini-teams who have banded together to contract for companies. 

Hiring people when they've already found flow with someone else doesn't feel right. It seems wasteful to the relationship and rapport that the team may have built!

From now on, at Pearmill, we're open to hiring people in pairs or more!

If you're a copywriter and like working with a designer, or a creative director, or any other combination – we're open to working with all of you together.

We'll make offers to you all simultaneously and willing only to hire you if you come in as a team if that's what you'd prefer.

Look at the different job openings we have here on our careers page.