Hire a new agency like you hire a new team member 

It’s time to get the support you need in reaching your business goals through marketing. But how do you know which agency is the right fit for you? Treat finding an agency how you would treat finding a new member of the team. You’ll want to work with someone who shares your goals, gives a shit about your company and has the right kind of experience to get you to where you need to be.

Just like in day-to-day life, compatibility is important. 

Things like:

  • How do you like to receive feedback? 
  • How do you best digest information? 

You want to work with someone who takes that into consideration when communicating with you, and ensure you do the same for them. 

Try asking yourself:

  • How do you feel when your weekly call is approaching? 
  • Are you looking forward to catching up with your agency contact, or dreading it? 

Ensure the agency partner you have makes you feel comfortable, positive and excited to tackle things together.

As with a new hire, it’s important to have a ‘probationary period’ to see if the agency is right for you. We’d recommend a 3 month period. Ask yourself whether you trust that the agency is going to help you achieve your business goals, whether they’ve taken the time to understand your business goals and whether you feel impressed by the communication and effort going into the work.

Most importantly of all:

  • Do you feel you can have honest, open, human conversations with your agency?
  • Do you feel safe in the relationship? 

Your agency isn’t just an “injection” of performance. They should feel like someone you want to solve problems together with. 

Remember that your agency contact is a human just like you, so if you can speak openly about problems you want to resolve, things you’d like to be improved (performance or relationship related) or anything related to your company, you’ve found yourself a great match!

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Nancy Rees

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