How Spanish ads reduced CPA by 20% and connected with a new audience

One of our clients was battling high frequency with prospective audiences and as a result, experiencing a deteriorating conversion rate. 📉

In this case study we’re going to unveil how we sorted these issues, opened up a new audience and reduced CPA by 20% 🤑! Veamos!

The problem

This client of ours (one of our favorites 😍) had been running ads for over two years. The account had a decent budget 💰 and a relatively narrow audience. As a consequence the below started to happen:

At that point we were already using broad targeting in FB and IG, making use of all placements and refreshing the creatives every other week, but… that was just not enough! We needed a solution and we needed it quickly! ⏲️

The research

The solution was going to come from finding segments from our audience who we still weren’t reaching with ads.

We got to work and started digging to find our precious solution! These are a few of the things we did:

  • Client and platform reps brainstorm
  • Creative and Growth team brainstorm
  • Keyword research and search terms analysis
  • Social listening

We started to see a pattern in each one of the researched steps. There was one “segment of the audience” that kept getting mentioned… 

It wasn’t obvious to see it at the beginning because our images and videos were already culturally representative of the target audience but they were missing an important piece: language representation.

We needed to test Spanish-language ads!

The Solution

Having done the research, the solution seemed clear. Having ads in Spanish could reduce frequency as we would be reaching and engaging with a new audience and could bring performance back!

But, how do we test Spanish ads in an audience with Spanish and English speakers you ask…. 

You can do that by using Multi-language ads on FB and IG!

Multi-language ads enable you to set up a single ad with multiple language variations and the platform matches the right language to the language users have set on their devices. Muy útil! 

Test Setup

We wanted to learn if Spanish ads on its own or multi-language ads performed better than English ads. To do so, we ran this test with the below A/B/C testing structure:

  • A: English Ads 
  • B: Spanish Ads
  • C: Multi-language Ads (Spanish & English)

We started this initiative with Facebook, but we’ve now tested this on other platforms and with other clients. If you want to learn more about our testing methodology, reach out here :)

The Results

Now, to the happy part 😊:

  • Multi-language ads (In English and Spanish) achieved a CPA 21% lower than EN ads
  • Spanish ads had a CTR 20% higher than English ads
  • Spanish ads were more affordable with lower CPMs
  • Frequency decreased with Multi-language ads and opened up to Spanish Speakers

It was great to see this revert back:

¡Gracias por leernos!

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Mariate Rodriguez

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