Mindbloom partners with Pearmill to analyze effectiveness of marketing campaigns

New York, NY – Pearmill, a leading performance marketing agency, is pleased to announce the expansion of its collaboration with Mindbloom, a pioneering mental wellness platform. In this enhanced partnership, Pearmill will leverage its expertise to assist Mindbloom in managing their growth data infrastructure and building advanced attribution models.

As part of this strategic alliance, Pearmill will work closely with Mindbloom to implement a robust channel attribution model and engagement tracking solution. By leveraging Pearmill's technical prowess and domain expertise, Mindbloom aims to gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly and drive sustained growth.

"The Pearmill team has been an incredible partner to Mindbloom," says Adam von Reyn, Head of Growth at Mindbloom. "They've helped us implement a robust channel attribution model and engagement tracking solution, enabling us to make better decisions, faster. They've continued to impress me with their broad technical and domain expertise, and they're fast!"

Through this collaboration, Pearmill reaffirms its commitment to empowering partners like Mindbloom with the tools and insights needed to optimize their marketing strategies and drive meaningful outcomes in the realm of mental wellness.

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Pearmill is a performance marketing that outperforms expectations, using data-driven insights and relentless innovation for exponential growth. Forged in the crucible of VC-funded startups, we’ve gained unparalleled expertise in the most dynamic and competitive environments, helping our clients 3X their ROAS on average.

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