Toybox has a record year with Pearmill leading performance marketing

New York, NY – Toybox, a pioneering 3D printer company tailored for children, proudly announces a remarkable achievement during 2023’s Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) season, as they achieved a momentous sales record by completely selling out their inventory for the year. This extraordinary feat was made possible through the strategic collaboration with Pearmill, a leading agency renowned for its expertise in performance marketing.

Leveraging Pearmill's innovative and data-centric approach to creative production and budget management, Toybox not only surpassed their BFCM targets but also witnessed an unprecedented surge in conversions. The proficiency demonstrated by Pearmill in performance marketing played a pivotal role in achieving the desired return on ad-spend, thereby propelling Toybox to unparalleled success in the competitive retail landscape.

The culmination of this achievement underscores the fruitful partnership between Toybox and Pearmill, reflecting their shared commitment to excellence and innovation. As Toybox looks forward to the future with great anticipation, both entities are poised to continue their collaborative efforts, driving further milestones and cementing their position as trailblazers in their respective industries.

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Pearmill is a performance marketing that outperforms expectations, using data-driven insights and relentless innovation for exponential growth. Forged in the crucible of VC-funded startups, we’ve gained unparalleled expertise in the most dynamic and competitive environments, helping our clients 3X their ROAS on average.

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