Ad Creative Newsletter #26


Creative Director

🎭 Original ad of the week

Anyone that doesn't believe good designs make a difference should look at these ads from Markethire. The originality of these visuals and concepts has vast potential to get people clicking instead of scrolling through. This kind of design thinking can boost performance a lot. 


🧠 Informative ad of the week

When your product has a plethora of benefits, don't over-complicate your ad. Try taking an approach like Narrative Science, they jam-pack a lot of info without creating a clustered mess. This ad is very straightforward and the use of illustrations makes it easy to watch. 

narrative science

📊 Numeral ad of the week

Numbers perform pretty well in Facebook ads. So if you have an excellent piece of data that will get people excited, make it stand out as Ribbon did.


🎂 Birthday ad of the week

Getting a birthday gift feels 10 times better than buying products on sale. And even if the bottom line is the same, it’s a great angle to take. 


😌 ASMR ad of the week

It’s been a while since the last time we featured Calm in our newsletter. They’ve since added some new ASMR animations that are too good not to share. 

😆 Meme ad of the week

The majority of the population loves memes, so implementing one into your ad is a great idea as long as it’s on brand. However, it's crucial the joke lands like this one from Gemini Photos. A lame meme will only alienate your audience, so don’t go for this approach if your meme game requires some work.


🏛️ Classic approach of the week

This is what a good classic Facebook ad looks like. Smooth transitions, eye-catching numbers, crucial keywords and short format. When combined, this creates an aesthetically pleasing video that feels polished and natural.

That's it, folks! We'll catch you next week with the 7 new hand-picked Facebook ads.

We now have a suggestion box open, so feel free to send us your favorite ads of the week and we might include them in the next post.

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