Ad Creative Newsletter #27

Mary Boyagi
Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

👌 Simple, yet effective ad of the week

Not every ad you make needs to be insanely creative. Getting straight to the point like Farfetch did can sometimes benefit you more than trying to make something out of this world.

📈 Data ad of the week

By presenting data in an easily digestible format, Wealthsimple helps viewers instantly understand what their company is about. You have very little time to speak to your audience before they scroll away, and a minimal approach always works when it comes to numbers.

🤣 Fun ad of the week

We love how relatable this Coors Lite ad feels. Zoom-related jokes are the new black and there’s still a bit of space left until they feel as outdated as Pokemon Go. Btw if you want to take a walk down the memory lane of memes, here’s what the you from 4 years ago most likely considered amusing.

😊 Cute ad of the week

These Scouted ads feel absolutely adorable and make you forget how brutal job searching can be. The benefits of cuteness don’t need an explanation.

👍 On point design of the week

When it comes to serious matters, it’s good to get straight to the point. Brightside does an admirable job with these designs that use so few lines to say so much.

🌟 Quality ad of the week

While the process of cutting corners allows to test and experiment more often, quality production inadvertently brings solid results. Everything is good about this video - the visuals, the voice, the conversational tone and the bubbles. You will want to try this ramen by the end of it.

🌸 Poetic ad of the week

Gorgeous and delicate, this ad is poetry in motion. Maybe not Emily Dickinson, but a gentle, slightly cheesy, yet no less captivating, anonymous haiku that catches your attention from a subway wall.