Ad Creative Newsletter #30

Mary Boyagi
October 5, 2020

📺 Repurposed TV ad of the week

TV ads usually force the viewer to sit through a few minutes of video before the brand message is revealed. Condensing your television spot into a 10-second ad, as Airtasker did, is a great way to reshape your previous work for a quicker path to the selling point.

🤬 Unique testimonial of the week

Well, this certainly is a different type of customer review from NorthOne. Usually, the testimonials we see in ads are similarly positive and similarly boring. Adding the sound was another unforgettable touch.

🎨 Art direction of the week

This ad is about curves and arcs all the way through. If you want to emphasize a message, highlighting it both verbally and visually is a valid idea.

🧐 Aesthetic preference test of the week

Sometimes it's worth creating ads with the same concept, but different images, simply to appeal to different tastes. This example from Own Up isn't necessarily about testing which photo does better, but a way to cover the ground and make sure people with both minimalistic and more old-school tastes find something clickable.

🎆 Explosive and concise ad of the week

If a movie can be digested into a 15-second ad, your product description can do the same. There’s even an advantage; no need to worry about giving away spoilers. But, we don't recommend integrating explosions as much as Michael Bay does.

🙂 Casual conversation ad of the week

Speaking to your viewers with a casual conversational tone does wonders at building trust. Talking to people with the same down-to-earth attitude as GoDaddy does here, will strengthen your position as an approachable brand.