Ad Creative Newsletter #33

Mary Boyagi
November 4, 2020

💙 Light-hearted ad of the week

These ads from Busuu make learning a new language seem way less intimidating. Their easy humor is inviting and friendly, getting you in the mood to master a new skill. Plus, everyone knows it’s almost impossible to get a low CTR if you mention cat videos.

🎥 Stop motion ad of the week

Pinterest is upping their game with high-quality stop motion videos in order to promote some of their organic content. Makes us want to go down one of the Pinterest rabbit holes asap.

👌 Concise ad of the week

Ikea managed to showcase their lowering prices while presenting themselves as timeless. Amazing job at condensing all that information into just 5 seconds.

🌀 Hypnotic ad of the week

This ad is so mesmerizing, it’s hard to focus on what it’s actually selling. Still, kudos to Toggl for taking the “piece of cake” metaphor to the next level.

🤝 Relatable ad of the week

We’ve all felt embarrassed by passwords made up in a rush. By comparing 2 relatable problems, LastPass makes their audience more resolved to solve at least one of them.

🥒 “Cool as a cucumber” ad of the week

Figs has always managed to give nurses a rock star vibe in their ads, and they’re succeeding at making their masks look cool too. The “ridiculously soft” description draws the eye as well.

🗺️ Precise ad of the week

Customizing your ads according to their targeting helps your brand look more personable, and your ads be more clickable. A great example of this is Misfits Market with their ads showing the states they’re targeting rather than a generic map of the US.