Ad Creative Newsletter #34

Mary Boyagi
November 18, 2020

⁉️ Quirky ad of the week

Add a quirky, colorful detail to the most regular ad and it’s suddenly much easier to hold your audience’s attention. Babylon Health knows we’re much more likely to pay attention to a beating tomato than a long list of benefits.

🧠 Creative concepts of the week

Bluehost clearly doesn’t have a problem coming up with a diverse range of concepts. From strange puns to classy metaphors, these guys run creative tests like pros.

📜 Testimonial ad of the week

We’ve been asked to feature Design Pickle ads a few times already, so here’s an example of a better approach to testimonials. You have to agree it’s much more fun when a guy in a pickle suit reads them.

💺 Product photography of the week

When we talk about successful ads, we usually mean strong messages and unique concepts, but sometimes all you need is gorgeous product photography. If you’re selling products, great imagery and styling should be the first priority.

✍️ Poetic ad of the week

This ad is pure poetry - the visuals and the words. Exactly what you’d expect from a meditation app.

💰 Luxury ad of the week

Sometimes it’s good to check out ad examples that aren’t replicable, simply to boost creativity. Lighting up a major skyscraper with an image of your brand is no easy feat, but it reminds us of a physical world out there that can be successfully connected to the digital domain.

👍 Thumbnail of the week

A thumbnail is a detail hardly anyone pays attention to when creating ads, but a great one can push your CTR through the roof. If your customers disabled autoplay, the preview can make them click that play button. You still have to follow with a strong ad, but half of the job is done, their interest is piqued.