Ad Creative Newsletter #35

Mary Boyagi
November 23, 2020

⚪ Minimal ads of the week

During half of our client kick offs  Asana gets mentioned as a reference. It’s almost impossible to find a person who wouldn’t love their ads. We’re sure you follow their account religiously, but if you missed some changes, check it out. Their new approach with ads is even more minimal than before. After all, some ads really don’t need more than this.


❕ Obvious ads of the week

Diib is supplementing their copy with some very, very clear and obvious visuals. Makes sense - what’s easy to process is easy to remember. Add some vivid, contrasting colors and the ad is guaranteed to bring conversions.

🧘‍♀️ Calming ads of the week

It’s surprising to see such smooth, calming ads (fitting for a meditation app) come from a bank, and yet here they are. First Republic Bank creates a flow that’s so satisfying to follow that you’re drawn into a total trusting mode, primed for a click.

🎈 Fun ad of the week

Some topics are hard to cover in a fun way. Deadlines, for example. goes about it in a very creative way, including slightly childish and lovely animation.

🍑 Anatomic highlight of the week

This ad from MeUndies would give Tina from Bob’s Burgers a heart attack, and whether you like it or not, you have to agree it’s quite engaging.

🎮 Gamified ad of the week

Truebill knows how to be playful while staying on message. If you zone out in the first few seconds of this ad, the Pac-man reference will lure you back. Dropping in a few fun elements helps make sure the video will be watched on average a bit longer. Possibly until the very end. Watch it with sound here.

🧪 Creative test of the week

Wrike clearly figured out what kind of visuals work for them - copy on the right, mild colors, vivid illustrations and sufficient copy space. It’s a safe, but sure composition. Sticking to it allows them to focus on testing various messages without stressing too much about new designs.