Ad Creative Newsletter #36

Mary Boyagi
December 7, 2020

😳 Anxiety-inducing ad of the week

Good metaphorical ads are supposed to hit you on an emotional level, and this one from Bench Accounting surely does. Way to make us as anxious about bookkeeping as we are about a hundred alarms.

🐙 Meme ad of the week

To be perfectly honest, memes in ads are currently a bit overdone, but not in the finance industry. This execution from Chime is sufficiently quirky to make it work.

✔️ On brand ad of the week

Sometimes the interests of performance go against the interests of brand consistency, but not in this case. If your brand is as smooth and minimalist as Everlane's, you’d better match it in ads to the T.

😊 Friendly ad of the week

Neuroscience can be intimidating, so it’s a great idea to implement a friendly character that would make a complicated device more approachable. We would only suggest adding the purpose of the treatment to the copy or the first carousel image.

🥳 Fun ad of the week

Without appearing like they’re trying too hard, these ads from Wealthfront look trendy and would appeal to a broad audience. They’re not too deep into meme culture to be confusing to the older generation, but fun enough to be memorable.

🧜‍♀️ Independent creator of the week

Not enough brands are partnering with independent content creators for their ads. Harmless Harvest clearly leverages their collaborations the right way.

🤝 Collaboration of the week

Another example of a great partnership, but in this case with another brand. A really cool ad that would benefit both companies. As you’ve learnt in math class, 1+1 often equals 3.