Ad Creative Newsletter #37

Mary Boyagi
December 16, 2020

🎄 Holiday ad of the week

The Sill realized that standard Christmasy music and cheesy ornaments aren’t mandatory for the holidays. You can broadcast the celebratory spirit in more creative ways.

🔲 Comic ad of the week

Still ads work better than video ads when the message is so simple that it doesn’t need more space than one screen. A comic strip format allows you to fit a short narrative into a still ad without making it look too busy.

❓ Explainer ad of the week

An explainer ad about explainer videos normally would not make our list, but this one is really well made. It has a crypto vibe through and through and actually does the job of explaining quite well. If you need to promote instructions of some kind, this is a good example.

👼 Cheesy ad of the week

It’s generally best to avoid cheesy slogans about changing the world. However, LaborX is following a template that tends to perform really well: bright colors, copy positioned on the left, simple flat animation. Cheesy or not, this kind of design works every time.

🤐 Icky ad of the week

The golden rule of the old school advertising industry was to invoke strong feelings in a customer. Positive or not - didn’t matter. This ad from Lume follows the same approach. It doesn’t leave you with the most pleasant sensation, but it’s certainly very memorable.

😍 Nostalgic ad of the week

This ad from Magic Spoon Cereal walks the line between your memories and your future. It invokes memories of the sugary cereal of your past while making you aspire for a healthy future.

📷 Close up ad of the week

Extremes sell. Sometimes extreme feelings and sometimes extreme close ups. Instead of showing an ordinary ad with a model looking cosy, J.Crew zooms in on the fabric and demonstrates the wonderful softness of the texture.