Ad Creative Newsletter #38 [Christmas edition]

Mary Boyagi
December 23, 2020
As hopes for the next year are rising along with the CPMs, let’s review some of the interesting approaches to holiday campaigns this season.

🤩 Aspirational ad of the week

Coca-Cola is doing what they do best - trying to unite and inspire while improving their bottom line. This ad is cute, heartfelt and specifically designed for paid social which is something more and more of the big brands are doing.

😎 Reimagined classic of the week

This ad from Hershey's is not as good as their beloved Christmas classic, but it has its own merits in teaching the audience to see Hershey Kisses in a more interactive way.

👑 Elegant ad of the week

Cartier is great at pushing their brand towards new heights. Both of these ads are mesmerizing to watch and they certainly strengthen the majestic brand image that Cartier has been enjoying for decades.

🧠 Clever ad of the week

Klarna tweaked their message to fit the holiday season and while it might not have much of the Christmas spirit, it’s very cleverly designed.

🍻 Cosy vibes of the week

Audible, on the other hand, is really good at evoking the holiday mood and offering us to create some cosy vibes with their help.

✍️ Supporting ad of the week

Zendesk is turning to content marketing in a noble attempt to help their audience deal with the chaos of last-minute requests.

❕ Direct ad of the week

And last, but not least, let’s not forget about the direct approach. L’occitane bundled their products into a beautiful advent calendar which doesn’t need any special message to sell.