Ad Creative Newsletter #40

Mary Boyagi
February 1, 2021

Slightly crazy ad of the week

Crazy enough to catch your eye, but clear enough to leave you no doubt about what the product does. Perfect combination.

Random ad of the week

Last week we had a call with one of our clients and he said “Why don’t we add a random cat in the corner of the ad to get attention?” Looks like New Yorker was listening in on our call.

Boring ad of the week

When “Join 1000+…” structure stops working in ads, we’ll let you know.  Flywheel did a great job using social proof to show their potential partners the value others are getting from their program. Even businesses experience FOMO.

Visually effective ad of the week

Though the concept of an octopus illustrating multi-tasking has been done many times, the composition of this visual makes it very compelling. The octopus’ head is at the center, drawing your attention to a friendly face, and then you’re hooked with the copy that’s using social proof.

Telling ad of the week

You know the ad is good when you understand the meaning behind it despite not knowing the language.

Paradoxical ad of the week

Paradoxes fascinated humankind since the dawn of time. They take everyone a second longer to consider which gives your ad an extra chance to do its magic.

Long-form ad of the week

More and more D2C brands are experimenting with long-form copy. If you keep it well-structured like Blume does in this example (fun into + value props + testimonial), it can work way better than the shorter versions.