Ad Creative Newsletter #41

Mary Boyagi
April 30, 2021

🧠  Smart ad of the week

This brand remains true to its name when it comes to ads. It’s pure pleasure watching fictional characters figure out creative ways to use math.

⚡ Volumetric ad of the week

3d animation takes a lot of effort and time, but it’s worth it. Sometimes.

⚪ Minimal ad of the week

Another good example of a simple animation taking center stage in portraying an idea. If your brand guidelines are super strict, this is the way to go.

🎺 Dynamic ad of the week

The Zola creative team are the kings and queens of stop motion and great typography animation. Every ad is rhythmic, dynamic and easy to watch on a loop.

🦄 Unique ad of the week

Why is a sudden unicorn appearance supposed to make you consider switching to green energy? Hard to say. It’s even harder to guess how a well-behaved cat factors into it. Either way, these ads are fun to watch.

🌊 Calming ad of the week

It’s really an achievement to create a soothing brand look for topics that usually have quite the opposite feel. Plus, you can understand what’s happening in these ads without knowing the language, which is a testament to their clarity.

🌴 Trust-building ad of the week

Blume ads and their brand in general have the vibes of a vegan cafe, where you have brunch every day while on vacation on a small tropical island. Perfect to make you believe their product will help you sleep better.