Ad Creative Newsletter #42

Mary Boyagi
March 17, 2021

🥴 Oddly satisfying ad of the week

You can’t look away, can you? That oddly satisfying stop motion gets your attention, and holds it. You might even make it to the end of the video to see their full line of products.

❌ “How did this get approved?” ad of the week

We’re surprised this made it past first review. The music is like a club you can’t wait to leave. The art feels like a mattress company scam. For such a simple offer and a solid brand, this ad only detracts.

🖌️ Lo-fi, hi five ad of the week

It’s a fine line, but you can achieve an effective charm with a lo-fi ad like this. Keep it simple, tie it to a very direct value prop, and you can get away with a fun little mess.

🎣 Mental break ad of the week

This one feels like a much needed respite from the social media/life hustle. And it taps into a fundamental human truth — who among us doesn’t yearn for a nice, easy chill day? Cue the mesmerizing wave animations, calming nature sounds, the idea of spending time together….Where do I sign?

📈 Tactical ad of the week

Not the most exciting ad, but deceptively effective. Primary colors + abstract—yet distinct—shapes are very performance-driven. Lines that slice the screen diagonally draw the viewers attention to the top of the screen. Simple, coercive design magic.

🌀 Strategic reinvention ad of the week

Lemonade stays in our list for their uncanny powers of iteration. Once you’ve nailed the growth strategy and your ad spend keeps climbing, the biggest challenge is saying the same thing in new ways. Lemonade does it better than most.