Ad Creative Newsletter #43

Mary Boyagi
April 30, 2021

First off, we’re hiring!! Would you (or someone you love) want to join our team?  We’re looking for some passionate folks in the following roles:

1. Motion Graphic Designer

2. Advertising Creative Intern

3. Associate Creative Director

4. Direct Response Copywriter

5. Paid Search Manager

6. Paid Social Manager

7. Demand Generation Growth Manager

Second, sorrrrryyyy it’s been a while since our last newsletter. The thing is, we’ve had a pretty hardy inflow of clients — a gamified educational app, a tool for data engineers, the world’s coolest hearing aids… we’ve had our fair share of kickoff calls.  

But now that we’ve had some time away from each other, we are reunited with all the pent up tension and energy that’s been slowly building pressure, waiting to EXPLODE!! So let’s get into it.

Winner of the week - Rag & Bone

Serious style points here. Stunning choreography,  engaging audio, cinematic storytelling, and a focus on the clothes that the ad is selling. It grabs your attention and makes you want to watch it again and again, but also you might find yourself wanting to shop for some Rag & Bone essentials.

Full version here


Ok, the sneakerhead in us does not love these shoes. BUT! This ad is super refreshing. Even as it harkens back to what some consider advertising’s golden age. It’s unapologetic in both style and substance. Obviously super copy-driven and incredibly upfront about one main barrier to entry — cost. All that said, it works, on several levels. And we love it. And so should you.


I bet you’re wondering what kind of belly you have after seeing this ad. BetterMe invites the user to think about their health in a non-offensive way with help of the bunny rabbit. Cute animals, or inanimate shapes, keep things body-positive.


Ok, Discord is definitely playing a long game here. The unique animation style might not payoff immediately, but it looks so fucking cool, we are betting it’s going to do a lot for their brand recognition.

Milk Bar

Owner Christina Tosi’s famous naked layer cake broke boundaries by pulling back the curtain and planting the flag, “sponge deserves to shine too.” This ad literally builds on that principle, using stop motion in a deliciously-charming way. Whatever the occasion, it’s a better occasion with cake.

Moon Juice

A stress-relief product with a stress-relieving ad, checks out. The VO here is soothing and puts the viewer at ease. “But people don’t watch ads with sound on!” you say. Actually, we’ve found that ads with audio perform better than those without. So make your audio count.


Short, simple, and to the point. This ad manages to be inspirational and practical at the same time, without wasting too much of your time.