Ad Creative Newsletter #44

Mary Boyagi
May 25, 2021


It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it? The 3D animation (with some nice, bright pops of color) makes it hard to look away. And with quick hits of information, you’ve been simultaneously informed and entertained in less than 15 seconds.


It doesn’t get much simpler — eh more simple — than this. A playful way to elevate a discount, and keeping it simple makes it easy to digest ;)


Straight to the point. Don’t underestimate the power of a standard, but well-designed ad. The visual tells you just enough about what to expect from the product, while the primary copy breaks down the benefits with appropriate emojis.


Now here’s a subtle and strategic way to talk to your audience. Figma targets e-commerce by talking (well, showing) their language. Set this baby to broad targeting and let the algorithm do the rest.

Full version here

Bright Health

Very unique animation style. Similar to last week’s newsletter mention of Discord, it may be a longterm play to get brand recognition, but it’s memorable.

Full version here


This combo of timeless imagery and music is Guy-Ritchie-charming, especially as the copy lands — bold, unorthodox, leverages the negative to maximum effect.


Ok, it’s a hard miss re: the attempt to turn the company name into a verb. That said, this dialogue is fun and effective, so it makes the newsletter for both reasons.