Ad Creative Newsletter #51

Mary Boyagi
July 16, 2021


One idea, two executions. In video form: a simple animation shows the app interface and the benefit simultaneously. In carousel form: intentional freeze frames send the same message.

Full Version Here


Klarna uses bright colors, interesting crops, and big text to keep you from breezing past without picking up on the benefits. And the use of texture is some of the best we’ve seen. You just want to run your fingers over it. All told, it demonstrates to their equally-interesting customers that they speak the same language.

Full Version Here

Full Version Here


An easy-to-make, bang-for-your-buck kind of ad. It’s also a message that’s immediately relevant as we encounter these ads on our phones, likely in the midst of an infinite scroll.
The bread slicing (a simple action with a simple food) feels user-generated and is
mesmerizing enough to make us stick around for education and testimonials.

Full Version Here


These ads may not be incredibly creative, but they are simple, direct, and show the product in action. We also have a sneaking suspicion they’re testing which colors and conversations reap the best CPAs.


To be human is to deal with gross human smells and secretions. Most brands shy away from mentioning them explicitly, but Lume meets us where we are — in our own perfectly imperfect bodies. Using terms we all know to describe topics we only bring up with close friends and physicians, Lume speaks more like a trusted friend than a brand trying to make a buck.

Full version here


The inverted text is grabby, sends an indirect message, and makes room for more direct value props. Personifying the intimidating, Zopa adds a smiley face to a credit card to make the world of credit and personal finance a lot more inviting. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly mascot.


When your lasagna looks as good as Allplants’, you’re allowed to make ads without copy. The close-up images look so delicious and move quickly enough to make you watch more than once, and the customer testimonial in the primary textis a solid way to round it all out.

Full version here