Ad Creative Newsletter #53

Mary Boyagi
July 27, 2022


Can't touch this! But a click will do for now. Dims. wins big here by using texture to talk over the competition—all while keeping everything directly related to their product. Double whammy.

Full version here

Magic Spoon

Testimonials, but make it *fun*. Showing how your product solves a common challenge is always a solid approach, but Magic Spoon takes it a step further by letting their passionate Spooners back them up. We could watch this well-soundtracked deluge of cereal praise all day.

Full version here

Open Spaces

Does putting things in trays spark joy? Yes, yes it does. We love how Open Spaces uses a single testimonial to set a theme for this incredibly satisfying ad—all before sticking the landing with a strong CTA that practically requires a click.

Full version here


This is a weird ad. It's also a brilliantly direct ad. And that's two wins in our book. You kind of have to stop scrolling when you see an out-of-context bird's nest on your feed. Once they have our attention, Mailchimp lets their compelling and concise headline bring the ad home.


Ok, consider this our official petition to bring back the 90s. Myprotein's nostalgic screen-ception creates a charming visual hierarchy, while the background copy keeps things direct and clickable.

Full version here


Sound design and animation do a beautiful dance here to catch your eye and ear. Beat drops and a scene change keep your attention, and the ad never strays from Spotify's familiar user interface, so you feel right at home.

Full version here

Hyrdo Flask

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Simplicity is power. Hydro Flask crushes the enemy in a few frames, all while looking pretty in an eye-catching pink.

Full version here