Ad Creative Newsletter #54

Mary Boyagi
July 27, 2022


Not since that infamous scene in American Psycho have business cards been so captivating. We've been hypnotized by this circular gif animation, and probably watched it 4 times before realizing the ad was repeating itself. A 25% off stamp had us clicking to check designs and prices.

Full version here

Energy Upgrade California

With a soundtrack like this, how could we not act? A cinematic soundtrack + straight-to-the-point copy = the perfect balance of captivating and clickable.

Full version here


Simple works best, you say? Madewell understood the assignment: Catch our eyes with the perfect fall boots, then convert us with playful and direct supporting copy. No in-ad copy needed!


Product developers at Ray-Ban have obviously been watching some 60s-era Bond films. These sunglasses demanded an ad that was visually stunning with corresponding sound design. Graphics mimic sonic inflections, while simple copy makes us realize we actually probably do need a pair.

Full version here

Blink Health

Are you ready for…erm, liftoff? Blink Health’s ads work because they balance out playful, euphemistic creative with more reserved supporting copy. It’s the perfect play to quickly catch our eyes, gain our trust, and get us to, well "Shop Now" for ED pills.

Full version here


Anytime I'm asked a question by a pink cat with its head stuck in a desk lamp, I generally listen. The weird, detective film vibes in this ad create just enough intrigue and mystery to make us want to click and "find out why."


Oh boy, do we adore a self-aware ad. Attentive keeps things short and sweet while getting brilliantly meta on us, which instantly makes them seem more down-to-earth than the competition.