Ad Creative Newsletter #55

Fat Snax

Did we expect a stack of cookies to have us feeling some type of way? No. Are we complaining? Also, no. We love how Fat Snax sets the scene with visuals and sound in order to surprise viewers with cleverly asterisked—and very clickable—in-ad copy.

Full version here

Terra Kaffe

This ad is just [insert chef’s kiss]. While product comparisons typically perform well, Terra Kaffe's approach incorporates eye-catching motion to create intrigue. And with a charmingly alliterative CTA in the supporting copy, how could we ever deny ourselves premium coffee for just $69/month??

Full version here


We're simple people. If your product is cute-kid-endorsed, we’ll probably stop scrolling long enough to read the ad copy. In this case, it’s spot-on for their target audience: moms.

Awesome Merch

Is sticker ASMR a thing? It is now. This Awesome Merch ad is a masterclass in pairing sound design and stop motion to bring USPs to life—all while keeping the copy super clear and concise.

Full version here


Clever and clear design directs our attention to Dunkin's newest addition to their coffee lineup and calls out its beerishness (roll with us). Supporting copy gives the details and helps guide your click.


Meals on wheels? Now that's a cool cooler. Simple copy and quick stop-motion graphics cut out the need for sound or explanation, and cut down the time between serving the ad and making the sale.

Full version here

instax by Fujifilm

A very modern throwback. Laying instax snapshots over an ongoing photoshoot, we're invited to get into the lifestyle, while CTAs inspire us to host a photoshoot of our own. By being vague around the product, but direct with the copy, Fujifilm demands we learn more about their new instax line.

Full version here

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