Ad Creative Newsletter #57


Opting out of ad copy can be risky. But when it works, it works. Grummies' weird clown gif is just colorful, unexpected, and creepy enough (depending on your past trauma) to stop your scroll. Whether you end up buying Ashwagandha gummies or bringing something new to next week's therapy session, the ad got you to do something!

Full version here


Did we panic a little when we saw the headline? Erm...maybe. But Caraway quickly calmed our nerves with steady pacing and music that let us take everything in. Between USPs, testimonials, and shots that feel straight out of a day-in-the-life vlog, we quickly went from hyperventilating to clicking the Color Quiz.

Full version here


Benny likes it! While a celebrity endorsement definitely seals the deal here, it's the simple and natural influencer testimonials with bold typeface that make you want to add some Sichuan chili spice to your life.

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Getting called a geek by an ad? In this case, we're here for it. Put together video game and anime visuals with smart concepts that resonate with a certain crowd, and you've got a recipe for a compelling bit of positioning. It's safe to say we've never applied to work for MI6 before, but this ad has got us having second thoughts...

Full version here


Well, that's one way to wear a pocket square... This is a bold approach, with zero product information and a CTA that tells you nothing about the brand. We don't necessarily endorse the idea that "sex sells," but this interesting approach brings a whole new meaning to "thirst trap."


But first, (concentrated) coffee. Jot overlays value props on top of product shots and demonstrations, while a sunny soundtrack suggests ease of use. And in case you aren't sold on how Jot compares to other coffee solutions, they lean on their customers' voices in the supporting copy to take down the competition via testimonials.

Full version here


Ah, another stop motion ad. But what's impressive here is that it makes you believe moving a sofa around doesn't have to be as difficult as Ross and Chandler make it look. PIVOT! Plus, it's crammed with USPs that dance around shots of the product in action. We'll just say it: we want a sofa in a box.

Full version here

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