Ad Creative Newsletter #58

Mary Boyagi
July 27, 2022

Not Pot

Someone call Gwen Stefani because this ad is bananas. The headline instantly hooks you with its clickbaitiness, while the off-kilter music—complete with monkey screeches—nicely balances the slower pace. We're also fans of the bizarre-yet-elegant match cut transitions that guide you to yet another banana photoshoot.

Full version here

Yellowbird Sauce

Oof, that habanero crunch. Perfection.

This spot is a masterclass in "show, don't tell." Yellowbird educates us in a cool 11 seconds that feel more like a super delicious documentary than an ad. Plus, the intermittent stop motion breaks up your feed with just the right amount of spice.

Full version here

Marshall Headphones

Marshall reimagined their signature amplifier as a portable speaker that looks as good as it sounds. Sexy product shots guide us through its features and UVPs (20+ hours of portable playtime—are you kidding?!) all backed by a chunky R&R soundtrack. The tour-themed double entendre CTA ushers in the encore: a visit to the landing page.

Full version here


Using the accent mark in their logo as the focal point for the action in the ad, Nescafé tells our eyes exactly where to look. And while our eyes are watching the show, sound design treats our ears to the sonic atmosphere of a familiar morning ritual underneath an energizing soundtrack. Pro tip: adding one unique element to an ad makes it interesting and effective. Add too many moving elements and you risk losing the product in all the hullabaloo.

Full version here

Colorado Lottery

We're getting heavy Oregon Trail vibes from this ad, and that nostalgia might just be enough to pique the interest of millennials (AKA the target demo). The clever use of icons and motion gives lots of info in 15 seconds, and provides an inaudible soundtrack that you still heard - admit it!

Full version here

Tiny Organics

"I'm busy, damnit!" -Every parent, ever. Tiny Organics knows not to ask their target customer to watch a lengthy USPs video when a short-and-sweet animation will do the trick. Charming, squiggly lines, the 3 most important USPs, and those vibrant colors...nice recipe for a baby food service.

Full version here

Ikon Pass

This ad is so good it has us both excited for the upcoming ski season and nostalgic for an era of travel we've never known. Brilliant animation and sound design create the ambiance of a train depot—the perfect setting for a deal that's about to leave the station... But not before Ikon can drop in a snowboard pun CTA, reminding us to get on board before prices go up.

Full version here